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Unregistered, how lucky you are. My own statistics are closer to two times per month, ~twenty five per year on which fifteen are 7.8/7.3 days, five are 6.6/6.0 and five are 5.5 or less. This is probably why people on my spot tend to use boards on the large side, let's say 120/130L most of the time. The average Joe here is around 75/80 Kgs (myself 68).

Belskorpio, you are right. Water state makes a lot of difference. However last time I sailed at the sea was 20/22 up to 25 onshore with 1 meter swell. My smallest kit that day was 6.0 with 103L and 32cm fin. Most other people were on 4.7/85L. Nevertheless I managed to stay alive and it was for sure my best three hours session of the year.

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