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To tell you the truth, I've used computers all my life. For school, work and pleasure.
At the beginning I used a desktop, then a laptop. Now I can do pretty much everything with a smartphone.

This does not mean I do not dislike computers but I use more the smartphone than the computer and desktops. Here in the USA there are endless of free Wifi antennas so using the internet for free is very accessible......oh this word,,, accessible!
Kite boarding is now accessible to everyone. Young and old. Storing is simple, transporting is a breeze and rigging... well as complicated as windsurfing.

I am thinking on learning to kite board after this big RIO episode. I want to try what is all about. People tell me that I will hate it because is very easy, rather than accepting the challenge of never learning windsurfing 100%.

I think that kiteboarding will become more popular than windsurfing during its peak years.

I do not know man, but the decision of windsurfing being out of the Olympics for RIO has seal the deal on my decision to switch or at least learn more kitesurfing.
Your comparison with smartphone is inadequate. A smartphone is just a mini-computer, it works with the same technology, and has the same usage (well if you like to look a video on a screen sized like a stamp, personnaly I cannot). Kite and windsurf are 2 separate disciplines that works with different "technologies".

When you say that kite will be more popular than windsurf in its peak, I think you do not remember what was windsurf at its peak (maybe because you are not European). It was a mass sport like skiing or playing tennis, we could buy a gear in a supermarket. Kite will never be like this as it will always be seen as an extreme sport.

If you like something easy, I suggest you to consider playing cards, dominos or just stay at the bar. Have you seen curling is an Olympic discipline? It should seal the deal on your decision as it looks to be an important parameter for you (you are the only guy in the world who is not an athlete to consider that while choosing your sport!)
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