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Default Which Isonic board?

Right here goes

I am an experienced windsurfer (93kg). I sail on the southcoast (uk) and have a 100L & 85L freestyle wave. My largest sail is a 6.2. (I plan to keep both current boards).

I fancy getting a lightwind board which I can lob my 6.2 onto in those light wind conditions (and would consider going up to a 7.5m sail).

Based on the above, which I sonic would you recommend? I want something which will work with sail range of between 6.2-7.5 effectively but which will enable me to go out in light wind conditions which my 100L freestyle prevents me from doing currently.

I don't want to end up with a board which is too close to my 100L but conversely I don't want to buy a board which will end up being too large for the above sail range either.

Your help would be appreciated


Mr C
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