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Default isonic 107 vs 110 2013

I am also planning to buy a isonic 110 and a 7.8 slalom / race sail, which I hope can get me planning
between 12-20 knots. Above that I am thinking of using my 5.3 , 4.7 , 4.2 and FSW 85 board.
I weight between 80-85 kg. Sail on both lakes and open sea.

Have been thinking of getting formula and even get over to the dark side :-), kiting.
But formula, have been trying it a couple of times. I don't know, not convinced!
Kiting has its advantages, big draw back for me is sailing on lakes with gusty winds and a lot of trees&rocks instead of beaches. Besides that, I am still a windsurfer :-).

But I have about the same questions:

Is this a good idea or will the 107 be a better choice? Or should I use a different sail size.
Will 110 be good in a bit upwind racing as well?
How quick will you be able to go max on these boards (107&110)? 30-35knots?

The idea is to have one sail and one board if possible.

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