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Default other 295 applications

I recommended this board to a customer and his wife who has started windsurfing two years ago with the a medium RIO and a 6.0 synergy setup .
They are looking for something faster but do not yet know any shortboarding skills, and feel the 6.0 is just right for there needs ( that will change in a few years i am sure).
They wanted the kode tuffskin with the centre fin option but i think this would be too aggressive for them.
They will use the board at a vacation cottage and launch from a point of land in the lake they are located on, and need to get back to that launch point.
The 295 gives them the ability to get back upwind when the wind dies, and is wide and stable enough with the dagger down , so they can adapt to the board from the RIO easy and get back to home base.

BUT when the wind picks up they can really let it fly.

J Herne,
Wildwinds Windsurfing.
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