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Default Wood finish

Hi Roger
I did clean off the grey lines like you said. The issue is the beautiful wood deck of the Serenity has areas that look white and dry more like an abrasion, this mostly towards the edges of the deck, maybe the boom brushed over it. It is not a ding , looks more like an abrasion and it is not deep, just like skinning your knee. There are little lines on the deck that look like it in other places. Seems like wood that needs staining but what do I know.
Also I have trouble getting the fin out after sailing , should I send it a bit?
I took the Serenity out yesterday in the usual up and down wind here and while th others were stuck between the gusts, I was having great time and when the gust came just flying. I started enjoying the Serenity more than my large board.
Thanks a lot
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