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Default isonic questions

Hallo Remi,
for expert kg 78 racing sailor,using to sail the whole sail sizes in a slalom quiver and used to the IS 127 (with good fins),when the new 117 is gonna overtake the 127?In what wind?What condition?
Is it bigger the gap between the 127 and 117 or the gap between the 110 and the 107 ?
Has the new 117 improved the planning ability over the 117w?
Trying to figurate out if using a 9,2 on the new 117 I can leave the 127/9,5 at home (being as fast in a race course)...
If not it's clear the interest turns on the new 110 (which I've read is always better with the 8,6 BUT gives up in steady 7,8 rough water conditions...).
Very hard decision!
What's new on the '13 107 compared to the 2011 one?

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