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Default iSonic 117w and 97 2012 : what fin ??

Hi !

I will receive my 117w and 97 (2012) by the beginning of november. I am now wandering what fins I will use

117w will be dedicated mainly to my Reflex II 8.6 and 7.8
97 will be used with Reflex II 7.0 and Gun MegaXS 6.3

I have already two Tectonics Talon (44 for the 7.8 on the 117w, and 36 for the 7.0/6.3 on the 97)

What fin can I use for light wind in 8.6 with the 117w ?
I've heard a lot about Deboichet R16 and Talon 46. What do you think about Select VMAX in 47cm ? Will it be powerfull enough for the 8.6 range of wind ? (i'm 80kg)

thank you for your answers

(just one precision : I'm looking mainly for second hand fin (price ...) so I won't be able to buy brand new Z-Fin or something like that)

kind regards,
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