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Hi Remi.

I'm 68-69kg and I am thinking about this 3 board quiver. What do you think? Please note that my max sail is a 7.8.

87 : 5.0/5.6/6.2
97 : 5.6/6.2/7.0
110 : 6.2/7.0/7.8

Do you think the 110 is a good fit which could be used from say 10 to 21 knots or do you think that I will get bounced around a lot in my weight in heavy chop and that the 107 is a better fit?

Just to give you an idea I have been sailing for 25 yrs now and predominantly I am a Slalom sailor, although I do the occasional wave sailing when conditions are right and as you well know Slalom sailors like some more board under their feet.

Awaiting your response.

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