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Hi Original Guest,

From my recollection, the board that you might be referring to came from the mid80s. I would think that crazychemical's specs are probably on target. This board would be a challenge to a new beginner, unless the desire to participate and to learn is great. However, you indicated that you windsurfered before. I've found that basic skills are retained, kind of like riding a bicycle, yet windsurfing is a bit more complex with the possible conditions (very light versus stronger wind). Sometihing that you need to realistic about.

Again, I would have to agree with crazychemical that a low price must be decider here. If condition is virtually new, and it truly can be, $250-300 USD tops (a complete rig), as you will be stuck with it in the long run. At $150 USD it might be a deal if you're up to the balancing act in lighter wind. Keep in mind your weight, which would make it much more of a formidible effort.

If you have a deeper budget, there are sounder modern alternatives that might be preferable for the long run.

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