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Hi there,

I want to ask a question to everybody who can help me with choice of optimal isonic. There are three types I wonder of: 137 year 2011 (wood), 127 or 137 2013 year (wood or carbon). There are some details about me:

I mostly sail inland waters. Wind is not regular. Sometimes it gets choppy a bit. Wind 8-25 knots.
I already have formula 162 and isonic 111. I have some sails and want to cover gap beetwen 111 isonic and 162 formula. I was wondering mostly of 137 - sails I have Tr7 7.6 and 10.0 plus vapor 8.6 - I saw recomended sail size for 137 2011 and 137 2013. The 137 2013 don`t have such a big range of suggested sail size. My weight is 82kg I,m 190cm height.

- Here are my questions:
- Which of these boards will work better with this sails? I would like to have opportunity to use three or at last two of them. I can`t afford another sail for this season.
- Will 137 2013 could work with all of them?
- Shall I choose wood or carbon? (I prefer control and easyness of drive)

Thanks to everyone who can help by giving me a tip,
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