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Macka Packa
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Hi Jacob,

I am similar weight and height to you, intermediate level, non racer. I have 2010 111 wood, 2011 127 wood and F161. I like the spread, it's working well. During winter/early spring the wind is gusty so I like a larger board/smaller sail combo. I had a fun sail on the 127 with a Code Red 7m. I'm sure some people will say that's an odd combo but it was great in the gusts and kept me going in the lulls, maybe 8-22kts. I've tried a 10m and it's ok but I only have a 48 fin, probably better with a 52. I think it's better on the formula for 10m weather. I have an 8.8m Code Red and seems to be the sweet spot. Have also tried 7.8m today in gusty conditions and it's fine too.
Cheers, Patrick

iS 94, iS111, iS127, F161, Mistral Equipe
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