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Angry DEBOICHET fins? Be aware, AVOID to buy from him !!!


Dear All,

I want to share with someone the REALLY BAD SITUATION happened in purchasing a new DEBOICHET R16 slalom fin directly from this well-know manufacturer.

In the beginning of august I've contacted Deboichet in the figure of Mrs. Oriana using e-mail ( and phone number (+39 339 821 76 58), both published on-line at web site. After an exchange of info about availabilty and delivery time, I've paid R16 in advance with warranty of 15-20 days delivery. Payment was made "at name of Mrs. Oriana Fiorentini" and sent to an address at Lake of Garda, Italy.

After these preliminary comunications and after payment, during these 3 months I sent a lot of (completely unanswered) e-mails, mobile SMS and a lot of fruitless telephone calls asking what has become to my fin. I was able to comunicate verbally with Mrs. Oriana only two time in september for listening these replies: "...I apologize but I forgot factory was closed in summer... fin is not ready and I don't know when it will be sent...". After this, months of silence...

An italian racing guy that had continous relations with Deboichet, has tried to contact her in the name of me... Well, reply was: "...I don't remember about him (me)..." ..."tell him to contact me...". So I've made the unpteenth try to contact Mrs. Oriana but, again, mute telephone and unanswered SMS and e-mail.

So tired, I've decided to report all this to italian police authorities: I don't think it depends on some simple misunderstanding!!!

I wonder if some other has had a similar experience with this famous manufacturer and if someone may help me (in any way) before to go to police.

Simple solution: or they send to me the fin or they give me a refund!


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