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Czesc Jacob, widze ze jestes Polak.
Moja zona jest Polka i rozumie troche po Polsku.

Where do you windsurf ? The lakes of Mazury or the Baltic Sea, Leba, Hel, Gdansk ?
I've been in the summer of 2007 in Leba, when the Allegro Formula cup was there.
I spoke with a few of the Formula guys, Steve Allen, Wojtek Brzozowski, etc ...
It was the year that I really picked up windsurfing again after 10 years. Till then, I had not seen any of these wide Formula boards. They told me about the very light winds in which these boards could plane.
That same year I still bought my F161. I have been very happy with it but last year I've sold it and replaced it by the US147. Till now, no regrets.
The US147 handles the same big sails as a Formula but is much easier to sail on the reach and behaves much more like a slalom board. Super light and super fast.
If you want to keep your Formula anyway, the 137 will be very close to it and the 127 would propably be better with your weight. Those boards have the same width and take easily a 10.0 according to me. So,
111: 7.8
127: 8.6/10.0
Formula; 10.0/12.0
will be a good option for your sails, I think.

But with 1 board less:
could even be better, according to me.

If you're sailing on the Mazury lakes, I would definitely go for the last option because the US147 will handle lulls in a better way than the 127.

Wsiestkiego najlepczego !
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147
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