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Hi BelSkorpio,

You right I`m Polish. I`m surprise you know Polish spots so well. Mostly I sail at Hel and Mazury. This US147 sounds really great, anyway as I told you Formula have to stay if I want to try my luck in racing in future. I`ll cope with wind lulls with this board. I decided to buy formula becouse of light wind conditions few year ago. I was at Allegro Cup in 2009 as a guest and I loved that event. Unfortunately allegro stop to sponsor such a big event and limited the money for it. Luckily there are still some regattas that they held but they are not such big events promoting formula class as before.

Probably 127 as you mentioned will be better for my weight. I thought about 137 as this year I start using 111 and first found it a bit difficult in manevrous. I was using futura 122 before and it was way easier. At isonic I still need to work on my technique and that is why I thought bigger volume of board may be easier to control and learn.

At last I thing 127 will be optimun for now. If I won`t race in formula for next two years mayby I will swap F162 for US147 and then my combo will be 111, 127, 147 wich seems to be sensible at wind conditions we have here.

Thank you for your reply,
All the best,
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