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Agree with the acid reccomendation . i do not own one, but while on vacation in maui in 2008 had the opportunity while renting to try many different boards, some of them a few years old so the aicd i used was about a 2006. I am 82 KGs and it was during 4.2 conditions when I was sailing.
Tried naish global waves, smaller jp freestyle waves, and small kombats , but the acid was the easiest , fastest and most forgiving to sail on the inside in the waves and on the big swell outside the uppers.
Now I am not a dyed in the wool wave sailor , and i sail chop small waves at home, but if it blew that much at home the acid of 2006 or so would be my choice.
Not suprised seeing that it was buy far the most narrow and old style board .

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