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Hi guys,

Further to my message above I'm looking to buy a 75 litre board for the occasional wave sailing sessions I sail during the winter months. The board will be used mainly from 5.3 down to 4.2m sail. To be honest I was looking for a trifin board but as I'm a Starboard addict was considering the Kode 77. But at 69 kg I am thinking that the board might be a bit of a handfull in overpowered conditions due to it's 58cm width even though I am mainly a slalom sailor and prefer to have a little more board under my feet over your average wave sailor. What do you think?

I do not consider the kode 72 as an option as my previous board was an Evo 71 2011 and found the board a pig to get planning and the board would come of the plane far too easy in between gusts. So cause of it I prefer to have slighly more board than less.

Awaiting your response.

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