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Originally Posted by Farlo View Post
Strange that the same post has been censored on the French forum. Little world... to which extend?
Exactly, Farlo, this post was censored from French Forum... I didn't want to make a duplicate of same post in other Forums but I wanted to send a request for help to french friends that (may be) know Mr. Deboichet better, have better contacts and can speak directly in french with him.
Only Mrs. Christina (I suppose a french lady) has been able to reply (and I hope to help me) before that post was cancelled...
So, why did you censor this thread in French Forum?

Originally Posted by viking View Post
...this brand does not operate anymore for many months now. This Oriana is not linked to Deboichet (the man, not the brand) anymore...
Ok Viking, but why Mrs. Oriana's phone number is published on Deboichet Fins web site?
And why this web site is still on line if "Deboichet" brand doesn't operate anymore?
And why UFO factory in France is still producing fins branded "Deboichet Custom"?


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