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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
to who it main concerne ! would be nice that all of you stop writing things without knowing how everythings works. as allways if you need informations or have to complain about something you should contact directly the company. complaining on internet do not solve any problem or wrong situations! just wrote this post because people advice me ... usualy i dont go on forums... ill be thankfull if you could contact me directly and the last thing.... we never keep money without sending the order! oriana -

Ok, if you are really Oriana, I'm pleased on hearing about you and (although many people here have said the opposite) that selling activities are still working.

But note people adviced you because I was the one to inform them! And, as you know, in last 3 months I've contacted a lot of times writing directly to above e-mail address and calling by phone and SMS with very little success... so using this Forum (and Internet) was, unfortunately, the last attempt to get an answer and this, at the end and with great difficulty, is finally arrived.

Anyway, I do not want to feed an useless controversy and I hope that everything will be clarified; so, tomorrow (for the umpteenth time) I will send my shipping address by SMS... I hope to receive my pre-paid fin (R16 Slalom 50 cm) within a week from now that is, with a good margin for you, in the second week of November... if not, I'll be on this Forum again to tell bare facts (and to take necessary legal actions temporarily postponed)...



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