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Default recomended board en the 2013 range for wave takas

Hi Guys,

I was wondering which model of the 2013 wave line between the Quad, Nuevo and Kode is more recomended for learning wave takas, mainly carving wave takas on side and side-off wind. I have the 2011 quad 77 and 92 and im trying to learn them on the 77 board with smaller fins 13cm and 8cm but this board even thought I love it for waveriding it does have the straps a little far back compared to some other boards and maybe that doesnt help to put the weight as forward as needed for that particuar maneuver. I was wondering if the learning curve for that move would be better with one of the new 2013 Quads or any of the other 2013 models.. or maybe I can stick with the quad 77 2011 and keep trying..

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