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Smile Kode 94 vs Futura 101

Hello, I've been windsurfing a couple of years now on and off. Currently I have a bic ~120l free ride board that I learn't on with a 5.5 / 6.2.

Also have an ancient wave board of some description I picked up for free thats great for higher wind control (only flat water so far)... but feels so sluggish in comparison.

In higher winds/chop the 120l starts to go all over the looking for a smaller 1 board does it all option to add to the collection. Would like to start getting out on the ocean (river sailing thus far), bump and jump and some small waves.

So my question is how much speed will I sacrifice going for a Kode 94 vs a F101 in flattish water?
And could I do the above with a futura or is the Kode a no brainer for me?

Thoughts appreciated...
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