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Default rig for futura 131 wood

i bought futura 131 wood last month ...What would be ur choice of sail or what do u consider a sweet spot for this board? I am an early intermediate/advanced beginner and 85kgs.I have sailed on borrowed old gear f2 slalom comet 149l and 6.5 sail , and now I want to buy my own.. I sail in summer in the light wind area mostly between 10 20 knots with gusts and lulls. I was thinking about buying 7.5 camless rig smth like gaastra matrix. Board dealer suggested me to go with 8.5 and to add smaller sail after smth like 6.5/6.7
He said that 7.5 is not enough and when the wind picks up it would be a bit big. He offered me new severne convert 8.5 (4.8kg), whiteline 460 mast 40%(2.6kg) and aeron boom vgrip 180-230 (3,3kg) at reasonable price.. i am a bit scared of size and weight what do u think ?

cheers, Luka
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