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Hi mcross19,
Thanks a lot for your recommendation.
My only concern about choosing the 8,7 instead of the 9,3 is that according to NeilPryde's general wind-range-chart
(the chart that shows all the sails together - not the chart on H2's page which differs a bit and I suppose needs updating)
the low-end threshold of 8,7 H2 is not much different from that of 7,2 Hellcat, only 2-3 knts of wind (8,7 H2 starts at about 8 knts, while 7,2 Hellcat starts at 10-11 knts).
If you can, please have a look at NeilPryde's chart and verify or not your initial recommendation (for the 8,7) - it would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot anyway,
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