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Default RE: Advice on Board/Sails

Hi Jamespr43,
I&#39;m not sure how well the Carve 133 will do in < 12 knots, but for 12-18, with a 7.5 m2 rig, it should be very good.
The GO 155 with the 7.0 didn&#39;t perform real well in light winds, probably due to having such a small sail.
Sme board, with an 8.5 m2 would have been alot better I think.
The GO 139 is still a pretty good option, as Crazychemical suggests, but I&#39;ll be he is using larger rigs or weighs a bit less than your 192 Lbs. (87 Kg.)
So, the Carve 133 is still a good choice, but you will need a larger rig to take advantage of the early planing. Same with the GO boards, 7.0 is simply not large enough for a guy your weight.
Other wider boards would plane earlier, but again they need larger rigs to do so.
Hope this helps,
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