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Yes, if Severne gear is readily available in your country, Severne NCX sails are very light, fast, stable in gusts and easy-going no brainers no cams freeride/freerace sails. They are the best in their segment according to numerous magazine tests. This will be a perfect match with your Futura board for sure.

I would strongly encourage you to go with 2 sails : 6.5 and 8.0 m2. Since both size are compatible with a 460 mast, get a 460 cm Blue line mast with 75% carbon, it's lighter, very sturdy and more dynamic, it's really worth the extra money as compared to the white line mast.

NCX 6.5 m2 2013; Luff 463 cm; boom lenght 188 cm
NCX 8.0 m2 2013; Luff 494 cm; boom lenght 208 cm

As for a boom, check out the Blueline 160-220 cm T8 alloy boom. This will be great if you will get a smaller 5.5 m2 sail later (or smaller) for stronger wind for example as your skills will gradually increase later :

Cheers !


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