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Jorge Gutiérrez
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Default Lets move on

Indeed the close mindedness of ISAF is appalling, kitesurfing and windsurfing should have been included in the Olympics, perhaps this signals a change indirection is needed. I hope the mayor brands bring the Olympic sailors into their teams and onto Events like the speed trials in Namibia and the AWT.

It'd be great to have the team riders showing their stuff at more popular events like the Kona worlds, and have displays of windsurfing gear at the Miami, ft lauderdale and New York boatshows, as well as other shows around the world, we need to bring windsurfing back to the people! Efforts like the start, go and phantom 295 as well as the ezzy kids rigs are a step in the right direction

Bring cost down and make it easier for people to try the sport!
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