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Default Sails and fins for 117 Wide

Hi Remi and fellow rideres

Im a 78kg intermediate rider and sail in the sea.
I have a Kode 86, Futura 101 and 122. Sails from 4.7 to 8.0m

Just bought a Isonic 117 W wood from 2011 and im thinking in changing my sails.
With my Futura 122 i use NP V6 7.0 and 8.0m (these sails have 2 mini-cambers), i want to sell these sails and buy a 7.0m and a 8.6m
Im thinking in buying 3 or 4 cambers sails (Gun Cannonball or Mega XS, Severne Overdrive or Reflex) along with 2 fins (40cm and 44cm)

Do you think its ok or i will need another sail between these 2?
And the fins, 40 and 44 is ok for these 2 sails?

Sometimes, when the wind is very inconstant but the sea is very flat i use my 6.2 sail on the 122 instead of the 101 because i need some floatation to come back when the wind drops to almost nothing....... do you think its possible to use a 6.2 sail on the 117W in these conditions (never overpowered)?

Thank you

Mario Milhazes

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