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Jorge Gutierrez
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Default We are in!

Great news for windsurfing! Now we need to work together with kiting as wind-board sports to make sure ISAF doesn't pit us against each other again.

After that let's work on a rece format that is truly versatile and truly shows the pinnacle of windsurfing.

I'm thinking "Progressive" one design: an up to date, whiteboard, Full-on raceboard, which will have its design revised every two years, both the must current and previous design would be race-legal with a handicap rule applied to the older design in order to maintain the same competitive level and help low-budget programs get in the racing.

This way we can keep cost down AND maintain a modern board and sail in the water.

We don't want to repeat the IMCO situation, where, while being a great board back in1989 (when it was first introduced) it certainly showed it's age at Athens 2004.

I'm proposing a "whiteboard" design so different manufacturers can build their own and keep supply high with competitive pricing, manufacturers will pay royalty fees to the designer of such a board
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