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Originally Posted by RadiantX View Post
Thanks to both of you for the advice!

I've narrowed it down to either the Carve121 or Futura121. It's a tough choice as I like the idea of racing, upwind performance, etc. but also just like to relax a bit and enjoy the conditions from time to time, ie. a bit more freemove/freeride like I suppose. But my main purpose or wind range for this gear I am hoping with be 14-18 knots, cruising upwind, blasting down, racing mates, etc which I guess would be better on the Futura. Will the carves still drive upwind well compared to the Futura?
I still have to spend more time on my carve but yes they will go up wind real well too.

On another note I need to change my username. The current one does not match my kit anymore. Does anyone know how to change it?
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