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Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your response! its great that you know Peru and Zarate! that is actually the spot I sail the most.. almost once or twice a week if there are wind and waves. and also try to go to Pacasmayo often.
For sure your advice will help me a lot. Im already at the most forward position for the straps and fins and i like to use the boom quite low for waveriding but havent really played much yet with the mastfoot, Generally use it in the middle and like it there for waveriding but will start to move it forward cm by cm to see if it helps with the taka. Generally Im rotating one or two each session but fall always just at the end. Seems Im rotating a little fast and with no much control. Will practice more in flatwater as you say because im not much of a freestyler so that can help with the control backwinded.
Regarding the board, I think I will keep mine for a while and just keep trying more, ive seen that maybe next year starboard will have a board called Black Box that could be interesting to try.. i will wait for that one : )

Take care! and if you come here please let me know to sail together.
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