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Hi resbi,

I'm no professional racer but I do like race sails very much, simply because they are more stable and easy to sail than all other sails.

The thing that you have to ask yourself is:

- Do I want comfort in sailing


- Do I want comfort in rigging / carrying / uphauling the sail.

If the latter is more important for you, you better don't choose a race sail, because yes it is heavier, more difficult to rig and most certainly more difficult to pull out of the water when the large mast sleeve fills up with water.

On the other hand if comfort during sailing is what you seek and you have the budget available, go for the race sail. With comfort during sailing, I mean the ability to handle gusts, the ease in overpowered conditions, stability & performance both in the high and low end wind range.

Again, for me a race sail is not more technical, on the contrary it is easier.

I sometimes even use a 4 camber race sail on my wave board when the chop gets too rough for my IS87 and when I'm too lazy to change the sail. And guess what, it works great. Not ideal for jumping of course, because a race sail tends to hammer the board down, but super for control.

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