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Default iSonics 2013 and the team

I am enjoying my new iSonic 110. It does everything you said it would do. What a beautiful board!

As a retuned slalom sailor I now find slalom so fun that I will probably look for a smaller board as well. Being a light weigh at 72 kilos it is always interesting to know what other lightweight choose. Could you say something about what Taty has chosen for the next PWA season?

I will use the 110 in winds from around 10 to 20-25 knots and 8.2 and 7.0 sails. If I should ad a board that will overlap just perfect and also work up in +30 knots in flat and choppy waters what will you recommend? I will also like to use the board for setting new best GPS speeds and I could ad one smaller sail to the 7.0 and also like a suggestion to what sail that could be.

Again thanks for making the 110 so good. It will be interesting to see how that kind of shape will influence the 2014 shapes.
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