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Can confirm the 97 + 110 combo. That's what I'll be using on the tour and also it's a great combo to cover 10-25 knots which is what I get at my home spot.

The 110 is perfectly suited for the 8.6 and the 97 I can use 7.8, 7.0, 6.3 nicely. I'm 82kg so around your weight.

3 sail combo should be fine also and don't be too put off by the 'non race sails'. I think all the brands are getting their non-race (but still kinda RACEY!) sails perfected these days. Aim for a 3-cam vs 2 like the Ram F13 or I just got my father a bunch of Point-7 AC-K's which are a 3-cam and they are almost as fast as the full blown race sail and easier to gybe, the only thing you lose compared to the race sails is a tiny bit of windrange at the top end simply because more cams = more stability and usually the race sails have been tested in more radical conditions.
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