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Default inner strap inserts for Formula 158 and smaller fins?

I've just bought for a very good price a nice Starboard Formula 158 wood ('04) in almost perfect conditions. I think in the next spring-summer it will be the perfect partner of my Starboard Serenity in Venice for the usual light winds, with my camless HSM Stealth 9,5, switching from one to the other at 10 maybe 9 knots.
Due to shallow waters of my spot I think I won't be able to use the 70 cm fin, but I'll have to use a 40/56 german seaweed fin or the Select Delta Antiweed XXL that I commonly use with the Serenity.
I was wondering if the two smaller fins and with less lift than the stock Drake 70 will make impossible to use the straps as they are set now, and if would be better to make - now in wintertime - add to a local shaper inner strap inserts like there were in the Freeformula of the same year. What do you think about?
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