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Hallo Sean,
previous IS 97 seemed be good almost only for the 7,0.can you explain,please,when you've planned to sail it both with the 7,8 and the 6,3?
If it's good for the 7,8 (I think you talk about a flat water/steady wind condition) why don't you go for the 117 instead of the 110?Isn't it better for 9,2-8,6 and still agreable for 7,8 gusty strong wind?
If you've tested both boards,would you please try to describe the different feeling (if any) and what has led you choose the 110?May I think at PWA rules/uses/spots or just at what is better for your weight/style?

Very very interested in your opinion.I'm almost same weight than you but comp just national level races.Never spent a season with no 107 (or 111) in my quiver...

Thank you
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