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Thanks for suggestions. I'll wait to test the board and then see what happen, even if the situation of living in Venice makes every future choice a little tricky, as in Venice we have no cars so the board, after brought in Venice, must be carried outside with boat+ car or walking+train..
No, I cannot simply walk outside to reach deeper waters, as there is no sea near my spot, it is the Venice Lagoon. With NE winds, but usually strong enough to use the 98 lt freestyle, I colud try a longer fin, but I don't know If 70 cm can be possible. With the lighter and much more common SE winds I've literally scratched away day up to day half cm from the tip of my PB seaweed with my former lightwind board, a Fanatic sting Ray 138 lt, as the spot is really with shallow waters.
So let's see.
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