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Default futura or isonic 2013

Looking for 2 new board for 2013.
Hope same people can give there there experions about the Futura's 111 and 131.
But also for the Isonics.

I now have the jp supersport 116/66 and Jp supersport 136/75 from 2007.

I sail the 116 with The loft switchblade 6.8, And Racingblade 7.8 and when the wind is not so consistent too use the 101jp freestyle wave.
I also use it with me Simmer Iron 5.9 wave sail also this a good combo.
The 136 /75 I use then with theLoft racingblade 7.8 8.6 2012

I have the Loftsails switchblade 6.8 2012 and 7.8 and 8.6 blade 2012 .
Im looking for boards for this sails. What will be the best boards for me you think.
My weight is 100-108 kg and Iím sailing on the Grevelingen lake and Brouwesdam Noordsea.
Is it also possible too sail the slalom of freerace with the 5.9 maybe???

Iím looking for board with good control. Good speed,easy sailing .
That I can go on the water and not have too think how Iím going too keep the boards in controle.
Maybe then the freerace boards are better for me.

Want to have boards that its good for me. not that I have buy the board and then see that the board is not suitable for me.
I hope that me mail make any sense for you guys if not please let me know.

Hope that you gyus can help me for make the best choice.

if there are people how want too email me about this .It is also oke.
All the best ,
And good winds,

Martin Folmer
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