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Default Kode 94 Wood or Wood Carbon + sail and fin sizes

Hi Guys,
I am considering buying a new Kode in 94 litres as a universal board for 18-25 knots (I am 90kg and 180cm). I plan to use it on a variety of flat water and wave spots: Garda Lake, Brittany, South of France, Holland....
So here we go, I have few questions, which may have already been addressed in the past so apologies in advance!

Difference in technology: Wood or Wood Carbon
I get the main difference in regards to performance and comfort.
What I cannot clearly see articulated is which of the two technologies in the context of the Kode 94 is more resistant to dings (e.g. mast-stones...)? Some people wrote wood, some other bi-directional carbon. It seems that there is little difference in weight. More important, how much fragile is one techno compared to the other (again in the context of the Kode 94)?

Max. sail and fin size:
With 90kg and 180cm profile, what would be the maximum sail/fin size in terms of comfort? The starboard website provides some indication and I guess that it also depend on how much people weight (e.g. 65kg vs. 90kg)

Thanks in advance for your response. I look forward to making a decision!!


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