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As suggested, a smaller sail and a larger, wider board will speed your learning process.
Having a daggerboard/centerfin is very helpful when learning the basic maneuvers (i.e.
tacking, flare jibes, beach starts) and will help you to stay upwind when you are learning
as your board will "rig steer".
Without a daggerboard/center fin, you may be frustrated as it's difficult to stay upwind
at slow beginner speeds, and the board will not "rig steer".
So, boards without a daggerboard/center fin are considered a bit more advanced and it takes
more advanced techniques and a bit more speed to stay upwind.
As far as the rig attachment to the board there are 2 or 3 basic "systems" (I.E. Chinook, Euro Pin,
Bic Rubber joint) but once you decide on a system, you can buy the mast bases and adapters
to fit most boards.
Many beginner boards are provided with the universal joint and pin system that fits the adjustable
mast track for that brand of board, but the attachment to the mast base extension can be varied.
Some beginner boards come with a basic mast slot, in which case a standard twist on universal
joint and a Chinook/Euro Pin/ Bic adapter cup on the top of the universal will adapt your rig to pretty much any board with a mast slot and any compatible mast base extension.
Hope this helps,
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