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- Speed in planning conditions (max speed)
320 is faster, especially in chops. in upwind 377 cannot planning. 320 can planning in upwind the start depends on your weight.
- Speed in non planning conditions
377 is faster to any direction specially in upwind, when both board use dagger board.
- Entry to early planning (min wind for planning with 8.6 m)
really depends on your weight and pumping. compares average 377 down wind 12 knots, 320 down wind 10 knots, 320 upwind 12-14 knots depends on angle.
- Facility in high wind (max wind for control it with 6.5 m sail)
320 more controllable and fast in strong wind. 25 knots easy to handle, but still depends on your weight, chops and sail trimming. 377 is more challenging in this condition.

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