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Wink max sailor 377 fun guy 320

320 is board optimum in case you give, when considerations of all type is made known.
price is good for 320, is more high with 377, but does one get more for money ? hmmm all out race yes gofor the big board , but for fun-board enjoyment prolly not.
in the high spped carve gybe, the swing weight 320m is less then the bigger board with bow so far away from sailor plaiing in straps.
so for example, doing the gybe and whan in chop, the swing weight is like a up down pendulaum and can be a method of inertial coupling over waves face when there is hull bounce.
then easier to catch a rail when bounce of board is low and rail hits water surface causing a straight line tracking with board , while body is still decribing an arc, this then will be condusive to a be fall whan body intesects water LOL !
but contrary opnion for all out race, 377 long waterline upwind acts as lateral resistance force causing great tracking with board railed up dagger down , can be very speedy and nice.
aroudn race course this allows to get to upwind mark faster and leave the 320 behind in all winds , 320 off the wind , swure but can it catch 377. me guess not deference makes this up.
with 377 yes performance maxed but sailor must be max too, 320 enjoyment there without sailor being max, but max can enjoy too !
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