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Originally Posted by BelSkorpio View Post
I've recently met an old windsurf buddy.
He's been kitesurfing now for almost 10 years and he said something remarkable:

"The last couple of years, kite surfing has become a lot safer because of the depowering facility of modern kites, but even to this day, each time when I go out, I feel nervous, thinking about the dangers that are involved with this sport. There is no way I would dare to use still a kite older than 5 years. I can't understand that I ever took the risk using these older type of kite."
What is interesting is that the whole industry and kite community are in active denial of the risks associated with kiting. And the quote by the kiter above is a refrain one hears very often: now equipment is so much safer.

The realty is that the sport is very dangerous. This year alone I am counting 5 people dead just by doing a quick search on google

there have been probably more, plus two killed, probably after getting in trouble, by sharks

and who knows what large number of serious accidents happen every year (e.g.

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