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Kiting simply appeals to the younger crowd more than windsurfing. It has that "exciting visual appeal" which as it turns out is easier to learn, so a teenager or young adult is more apt to be drawn to the sport than windsurfing. Windsurfing also seem to cater to the "older generation" which I am sure is a turn off for any 20 something kid.

Risk taking doesn't' matter much to the younger crowd. Just look at all the extreme sports and kiting is pretty mild in comparison to many.

I am too old to add a new sport, plus after watching kiters on lakes and bays since the beginning, the appeal of working/cutting upwind for 90% of the day just for a few jumps does little to interest me. Of course, the better you get, you can throw in some aerial moves for excitement, but I am simply not interested.

Now that "course kiteboards" are in style, at least one can sail around the lake/bay with a lot less effort.

Kind of like skiing and snowboarding. In the powder, boarding looks great, but on the groomers or bumps (actually I rarely see boards in the bumps), 95% of the boarders just slide down the hill with little edging or real carving, and to me, it doesn't look like fun. Terrain parks and jumping on boards does look cool, but also on skis for those into risk taking.
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