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Hi Ken,

Sailing at l'Almanarre today I noticed a few things. In average, kiters were not younger than windsurfers. There were many young windsurfers indeed, and some greyish kiters as well. Windsurfers were first on the water in a solid 25 knots, but kiters remained much longer after the wind faded a bit. Most windsurfers were on 4.2/4.7 and had to stop while kiters kept going with the same wing. They did not seem to fight much harder upwind than windsurfers and jumped a lot more often; admittedly there were very little waves.

Both were in similar numbers in a place which was once a Mecca of windsurf. However there was no sign of conflict. A few guys had brought two gears and chose on the spot according to wind & wave conditions... A local mentioned several lethal kite accidents at la Bergerie on the other bank. He was clearly in favour of windsurf but helped a few friends to take off their kites. It was amazing (and somewhat frightening) how close they were doing it from the palisades.

As far as I could see, no one wore boardshorts. Windsurf was kind of flashy too in the 80's if I remember well.

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