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Default Next Board?

Iím looking to replace a 2004 AHD GTS that is starting to show & feel its age. The board is 156 L, 86 cm wide & 260 cm long. I only plan to use this board at my local lake that is about 400 meters at the widest point. The lake is on my way home from work & only 10 minutes from my house so it is great for about 40 one to two hour after work sessions a year.

The wind at my local lake is generally less than 20 mph and the sails I will use with this board are a 7.3 (No Cam) Naish Sprint & an 8.2 (Twin Cam) Naish Indy with both sails getting equal use. My weight is 77 kg.

Iím looking for a board that planes early and jibes well. Pointing & speed are not that important because of the size of the lake. I have a Futura 133 but have noticed that it requires much more wind to get planing than the AHD. The Futura needs the 8.2 to get planing in the same wind that the AHD can plane off with the 7.3.

The Futura 141 is one choice but I would have to sell my 133 as the gap in the boards would be too close. The UltraSonic is another but may be too wide & suffer in the jibe category; same reason I donít use my formula on the small lake. Then there are the two largest Carveís to consider as well as the two largest Isonics.

Any advice would be helpful.

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