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Default iSonic 107 from iSonic125?

I have had the IS125 for about 3 years and love it! However I am trying to improve my speed on the lake where I sail mainly in gusty conditions from 15-30 mph. Biggest sail size on the 125 is a 7.6 X15 three cam which is my most used sail. My 2s speeds are typically 29-31kts on the 125.
So I am thinking of changing down to something like the 107 which would eventually be a replacement for the 125. What I am slightly concerned about is the ability of the 107 to perform as well in the gusty (lulls) conditions at the lake. I am around 85kg and don't want to go too low in volume. Smallest board I use is a Kode103 typically with a 5.5.
I think the 107 would also be able to handle higher wind speeds with perhaps a smallest sail size of 6.5?
Any advice appreciated.
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