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Unregistered - thanks for your response.

Typo on original post - the bigger sail is 7.8m

Sails are Simmer SCR's - I think 2008 but can't remember - bought them and then lost interest for a while. Used the 7.0 a few times (on RRD x-Fire 95) and only used the 7.8 once (on an i-sonic 105) - felt pretty big !

This might sound a crazy idea but I was thinking of removing a couple of cams (from the foot batten and the upper cam) to make them twin cams so easier to rig and a little less rigid in use - this instead of buying no cam freerace sails. Anyone ever tried this and did it work ?

My previous boards have all been sub 105lt but older designs - the Futuras are much wider than these boards but I am looking for something a bit more forgiving and the F122 looks very nice.
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