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Removing the cams is not normally a good idea.
When the sails are designed, the cams are there to hold the draft in the sail at that
batten station.
Removing the camber inducer leaves that area without any loading from the mast and usually lets
the batten fall off quite a bit.
Better to simply rig the sail very "fat" (lots of draft due to less than normal downhaul and
outhaul) and leave the camber inducers in the sail.
I know this because a few years back I raced in the vintage class and the rules were no more
than 2 I simply removed the to 2 cambers and the sail looked horrible, all loose and
twisty in the top.
Worked OK, but it was not good for the sail, and I found that Sailworks Retro no cam Free Race
sails were much better overall.

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