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Default help me choosing my new wave board

Hello, thanks for Reading this despite of my bad english.. :-)

I have a 2011 quad 82 and Evo 2007 70l, my weight is 72kg and i use 4.2, 5.0 and 5.7 sails. Y usually rides very light wind days and medium waves, from boom to mast waves, in onshore, shideshore & sideoff winds.

I want to change my quad 82 2011 for a new one but i don't know what board suits better to me, y like to surf and not to jump (few times) what are the main diferences between the new boards?
The quad 82 or 87
The koster Kode 82 or 87
The Blak box xx volumen

Can someone help me?
thanks a lot.
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