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Default kiting more specialized then one thinks at first

I am a hardcore windsurfer and yet have to say that kiting has its advanatges, there is no way anyone with half a brain can say otherwise.
BUT!!! Kiting ideally need a bunch of "Criteria" so it can be done safely responsibly and without detriment to others around.
How many time have you heard of kiters being banned from launches or beachs with public access??

When all the criteria are satisfied all is fine its a high powered sky high sport, when things go wrong it can be trouble not only for the kiter but others in the area.
I have said this time and time again give me a large funboard , like phantom 320 or a Rio and I can use it ANYWHERE... in 3 to 30 knots , that has more then 3 feet of water safely responsibly and with little detriment to others around me including the public.

I can set up in 15 minutes and :
-i can launch from a enclosed inlet with obstacles all around, sail out sail back.
-go speeds a 50 foot ULDB sailboat cannot hit,maybe volvo 60 or a catamaran can get close.
-i need no crew ! but its fun to windsurf with others!
-i can go downwind, and get back upwind,
-If the wind dies i do not have to swim back.
- i can do it in water over my head or just a few feet.
- i have floatation, so I can self rescue.
-I can car top it.
-i can do it for pennies on the dollars spent on other sailing craft.

Who else can say that? go thru the list with a kite ... some thing is that list they are very good at ...others related to safety ..not so..

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